PowToons: Digital Toolbox


PowToons is a cloud-based software tool for creating animated presentations and animated videos.  It is essentially a combination of presentation and animated cartoon. Founded in the United Kingdom in January 2012, Powtoons mainly attracts the age group from 18-34. Releasing a beta version in August 2012, this software has seen fast subscriber growth since. In February 2013, PowToons introduced a free account option allowing users to create animated videos that can be exported to YouTube. Competing against this new innovative software includes Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint, GoAnimate, VideoRascal and Animoto, where Powtoons is competing against some longer established technology. PowToons is a globally used presentation software but receives the most mentions in Israel. This digital tool is used in marketing to create presentations but it also allows marketers to create animated videos without having to invest in expensive software. Marketers can use it to create demo or explainer videos, creative advertising, content marketing, educational pieces and tutorials. The benefits of PowToons is it is easy to use where you just drag and drop when using the software. It is free to use or you can upgrade to an inexpensive subscription which has a 30 day money back guarantee. Powtoons provides high definition quality videos, can easily be exported to YouTube, videos can be up to 60 minutes long and there is an extensive library of: templates, transitions, animated characters, fonts (even kinetic text options), images and effects. One aspect PowToons lacks is its relationship with social media. It is not used as a social media tool but can be used to enhance what’s online. Through a marketing perspective, it can be used to create marketing material that is linked into many social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Pinterest. Currently, there are 1 million subscribers having made 1.9 million videos, and the numbers continue to grow. We believe professional Event Marketers should be using this digital tool for two primary reasons. Firstly, to enhance presentations to clients, and secondly can be used to create low cost videos for demos at experiential events and trade shows. The only downside of PowToons is it does not have an an undo button when creating your presentation, and tends to be slow after working on the software for a period of time. More and more companies are utilizing this revolution in presentation software, creating a more engaging and exciting presentation for viewers.

Here is a PowToons video:














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